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Before These Crowded Streets There was a New York City that people remembered and dwelt in. It was the fantastic city that’s no longer. Before these crowded streets took shape in town was a different entity and the skyline was not as cluttered as it is now. Remember if the Brooklyn Bridge has been designed?

In the early days of this city that the tallest buildings were built in what is now Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. These were the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie and the wealthiest families in America had the city to themselves.

When the wealthy families abandoned city to vacation they left their enormous property behind. No one was allowed to disturb their privacy and they had no real law and order so people slept in the streets or in their own apartments. It was a very cosmopolitan town and people moved freely. Times Square was the central place for all entertainment and individuals will come to the city each night to shop, dine or simply enjoy the gorgeous sights of Manhattan. The renowned Broadway music scene started out of this place too.

However, from the early morning once the crowds would gather to watch the sun rise and set the city changed from a holiday destination to some crime-ridden city. The sight of the smoke filled sky along with the sirens on the roads scared many individuals to Crowded Streets The Dave keep indoors. Times Square was also a point of attention for many, as it was the notorious “Tinie’s Picnic” happened. The picnic was a ritual in which hundreds of sellers sold tinny white bread and hot dogs. Before these Crowded Streets there was always a quiet time outdoors where vendors sold their wares while the sky gave way to a different moment.

After the railroads were constructed from the life around town became even more complex. Subsequently came the Ellis Island Immigration Statue. Ellis Island was the very first naturalization procedure for millions of people from all over the world. A number of the immigrants came seeking a better life and found New York City for a welcoming haven. Some of these settled forever and became the very first Americans.

Today New York City is an iconic part of American History. Although many of the people who lived in the city during the years prior to the skyscrapers were built are no longer residing there they’ve been the symbols of the city for many. Even though the town has changed a lot of the faces of the buildings which stand now are still indicative of what the city was like at different times in its history. The tourists who visit now will also be able to take part in a part of the background by touring the numerous historic sites around the city.

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